Eliminate All Sorts of Odor Using an Ozone Machine

In this article, you will learn to remove the thing that you cannot observe while standing outside the car, which is the odor. Despite cleaning your car regularly, having kids in the car can lead to accidents; they might wet your car, or drop food, which can make the car stink. If your kid threw up in your car or wet the seats, now you need not to worry about the unpleasant smell because Ozone will remove it completely and sterilize your car. The equipment, which you will need, is Ozone machine. Ozone machine Ozone machine produces ozone with high voltage or UV light. We will be using the electric method of corona discharge. The way it works is that you plug in the Ozone machine in the power source and it will create Ozone (O3) gas. The O3 gas breaks down the odor. When O3 is sprayed inside the car, it goes around the car and breaks down any sort of odor. Ozone is an unstable gas and it wants to neutralize itself and break down to O2. So ozone oxidizes which means that one atom of the Ozone molecule reacts with something, completely deteriorates, breaks down, and removes the odor. Time for Ozone smell to vanish completely Ozone have a half-life. So let us say you have 100 molecules inside the car then after the first half hour it will be 50 and then the next half hour it will be reduced to 25 and it is going to keep going down as time passes. Therefore, even if you spray it inside the car, the Ozone smell will be gone after you let the car sit for a few hours. After you have done the procedure and 48 hours have passed, the entire odor will be gone. Precautions When using this procedure keep plants, people and pets away. When you are spraying it, you can hold your nose and walk away immediately or you can use a mask with charcoal filter on it without the fear of your lungs being damaged. Procedure Follow the following steps to get your car completely sterilized. Make sure all windows are closed; sunroof is closed so that no air can escape from inside the car. Place the tool on an essential part of the car such as armrest between the front two seats. Feed the power cable from tool to the outside through the back door. Before switching on the power, set the Ozone machine so that it runs for half an hour. Turn the knob on the machine to 30 minutes only if the smell inside the car is too much. However, if the odor is not too bad you can set it to run for 10 to 15 minutes.

Shut all the doors and switch on the power. Set a timer on your phone. So that when the time is up you can come back and switch off the power. When the time is up, turn off the power. If you have, the car in garage then open all the doors and windows of the garage. Then open up all the doors of the car and turn on the fan. Try to have the air movement inside the garage as much as possible. Let your car sit for at least an hour before you can take your car out for a drive. Take your car out for a spin with all the windows open and by now all, the smell will be completely gone. So go ahead and detail your car, clean it with shampoo and cleaner as explained in our other articles that you must have read, if you haven’t, don’t forget to have a look at them. If you still have some unpleasant odor inside the car, then by using Ozone you will be able to remove that smell and physically break down and kill all that bacteria. We hope that the guidance provided by us in this blog was helpful to you, for professional help and detailing, don’t forget to contact us at Enroute.



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